Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Member

More remnants of the ice storm: the largest tree behind us must come down. A massive oak tree, split all the way down the trunk. It hurts.
Where I came from, such was a precious commodity, as such is being taken out by the entire grove! It is not that way here, such is taken care of and treasured! And now this...

Living, so much older, now retires...
the same, again, to soon feed many fires;
a member of the family to fade,
but oh the many memories it's made!
You taught my little children how to climb...
You tutored us in learning to tell time...
and when the cares of life attempted sting,
you rested us on your arm with a swing.
Now that it's my turn to care for you,
I confess, I don't know what to do!
I trust you back unto God, your Creator,
whatever He does for you is much greater!
But know you're deeply rooted in our hearts.
And much emotion, from our depths, imparts!
And though it appears you soon may perish,
the memories of you shall we ever cherish!


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