Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are without excuse. At least I am.
My earliest memories reveal to me a knowledge of God. Why? There was no formal training. No emphasis on such. Yet I have always had a desire to pray, to seek, to know and to glorify God. Again, why?
I pondered such this morning...

Ever since my favored youth
has been awareness of The Truth--
why have I been so blessed?
I see the steps of preservation;
and though I balked at preparation,
I've been prevented mess!
Choices chosen, right and wrong;
yet, to the good do I belong--
by favor or by fate?
Now here am I, belonging well;
separated--(can life tell?)
to Greatest of the great?
Afforded, oh, the greatest wealth.
The faith of youth was kept as stealth,
but, oh, look at it now!!
The highs and lows of this great life,
from ecstasy to utter strife,
have served to seal my vow!
Do boast I, then, in favor nigh?
But glory goes to God Most High
for destining my soul!
In HIM I move and breath and live!
Unto my being does He give
all life needs to be whole!

Has your life such a sweet mystery?
Are you sure?

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