Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Again, life happens. And again, our reaction helps determine the severity or quality of such.

As you recall, there was an ice storm here two months ago. It was a first for this writer, and the following words were penned in the candlelight in the wake of that storm. They may not be the typical reaction during such, but it "...rains on the just and the unjust," and God was surely present!

"Praise the Name of Jesus..."
Oh, so beautiful to say!
The glory of His majesty
remains beyond the day!
The fellowship of His great love
is far beyond the sight;
in the Presence of Him, oh,
the heart and soul delight!

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" oh,
there is no other Lord!
Master, Savior, Healer--holy,
righteous and adored!
Merciful, beautiful
to see, to hear, to feel;
the Name of Jesus-- unto all
my senses to appeal!

Praise the Name of Jesus, He is
worthy of all praise!
Worthy of all time, attention,
ever and always!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh
so wonderful, so real!
Son of God, God the Son--
I see...I hear...I feel!

What do you see, hear and feel during such events?
Look closer...

Monday, March 30, 2009


Can you not see the life before you!
Can you not hear the seasonal invitation?

Oh the fragrance of the season
greeting all of living...
the song of life upon the wing,
celebration giving!
Colors of infinity,
daring life to count!
How much of time itself be there
to fathom said amount?!

Season of beginning
period of bloom
time of restoration
living to exhume!

Oh, essence of the season,
so welcome is your scent!
In the presence of you
allow our time be spent!
You invite our playfulness,
in vigor we respond!
O springtime in your innocense,
of you are we so fond!

Jump into springtime!
Let nothing hold you back from its restoration!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Through the pain...

Though pain is everywhere within,
the words continue on...
verses come together until
suffering is gone.
Somehow, ministry is wrought
out of great affliction;
and God is always glorified
regardless of condition!

The rhythm and the rhyme distract
the person from the pain.
His response unto the words
is plentiful and plain!
Where is only God at last,
His glory and His grace,
healing is complete as He
takes deep in His embrace!

Though pain may be abundant,
His Presence is much more!
The mention of His Name removes
the sickness and the sore.
Restoration guaranteed
in His assuring glance;
look deep into His loving eyes
to reestablish stance!

Whatever you may be feeling, Jesus is greater! Tell Him about it. Yes, He already knows, but He desires to hear about it from you!

Friday, March 27, 2009

First & Early

"Good day to you!"
Is it? Where did you start this day?
I always find that whatever my day contains, it goes better when I start it with Jesus...all alone...even if it is only Him speaking and me listening. Hmmm...ESPECIALLY when it is Him speaking and me being silent!!

In the first and early,
oh, the Secret Place!
Present in abundance:
mercy, love and grace!
I bring without reserve
what is good and He requires,
I am greeted in this place
by greater than 'desires!'

He wants me to do justly,
each and all my days;
to love His tender mercies
and make them all my ways;
to walk with Him so humbly,
avoiding sacrifice:
to tender pure obedience--
be it too great a price?

Oh, the first and early-
the Four of Us alone.
Remind me of no other time
while Holiness is known!
Too soon to be the moments
temporarily apart,
but NEVER be a moment
disconnected at the heart!!

I plagiarized these words from Micah 6:6-8. Though I know that I cannot out-give God, nor can I top the gifts that He brings, I must give Him time, and simply obey Him!
I am a very wealthy man!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are without excuse. At least I am.
My earliest memories reveal to me a knowledge of God. Why? There was no formal training. No emphasis on such. Yet I have always had a desire to pray, to seek, to know and to glorify God. Again, why?
I pondered such this morning...

Ever since my favored youth
has been awareness of The Truth--
why have I been so blessed?
I see the steps of preservation;
and though I balked at preparation,
I've been prevented mess!
Choices chosen, right and wrong;
yet, to the good do I belong--
by favor or by fate?
Now here am I, belonging well;
separated--(can life tell?)
to Greatest of the great?
Afforded, oh, the greatest wealth.
The faith of youth was kept as stealth,
but, oh, look at it now!!
The highs and lows of this great life,
from ecstasy to utter strife,
have served to seal my vow!
Do boast I, then, in favor nigh?
But glory goes to God Most High
for destining my soul!
In HIM I move and breath and live!
Unto my being does He give
all life needs to be whole!

Has your life such a sweet mystery?
Are you sure?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Greater Than...

...yes, that's God!
But He is not so great that He turns His back on us when everyone else does.
Not so great that He turns His back on us when He should!
No, He loves us more than humanly possible...

O greater than my humanness—
Creator of the same!
Divinity and holiness
do You allow me claim!
You see the limits of this man
and love me anyhow;
to minister unto this man
You make a solemn vow!

O greater than my humanness,
You are so good to me.
In spite of that before my eyes,
You cause this man to see!
And greater be the vision that
You cause my sight to know,
as a glimpse of glory You
so mercifully bestow!

O greater than all humanness,
You give to us Your all.
So very fortunate, the ones
responding to Your call.
How long until Your offer is
rescinded and for all?
But make us ever sensitive,
til then, to such a call!

Not only is He greater than we are, He gives us the opportunity to assist Him in that which is beyond our ability: reaching others!
We are so blessed!


I am victorious! You have access to the same victory! Each of us, however, will face times when that victory must be declared! Will you be ready?

“All that would devour me,
oh, hear now mine authority
as I approach the Throne!
You cannot overtake this man!
He has anointed me a plan
and it is surely known!
And I command you ‘cease!’
as I enjoy the peace
that you can’t understand!
Authority is mine
from Him Who is divine—
to such you cannot stand!

All that would devour me,
hear now mine authority
as I come from the throne:
He is alive inside this man,
and I reside within His hand,
and, by Him, I am known!!”

Perfect Rest

Ahhh...sweet rest! Do you know it?
But what about when that rest is interrupted?
Such was the case the other night. And though darkness was all around, there was Light. And The Light made me realize

"Lo, the city sleeps,
while peace my Father keeps.
For only in His sight
may any rest alright."

Have you such comfort deep?
It is a gift to reap
from being in His care—
so freely does He share!

His offer yet to stand:
reach out with heart and hand,
your burden will He trade—
serenity be made!
And while you sweetly sleep,
His watch is sure to keep;
His trust—it is secure;
His care—it will endure!

When your rest is absent, look around...listen...feel His Presence. He is right there with you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

One Source

What is your source? Does that source satisfy you?
I speak with so many who tell me that their source is ______.
Whatever is in that blank, does it satisfy completely?
Mine does!

But One Source could e'er supply
the fullness of desire.
The Same, alone, to balance that
with all that I require!
But One God to know the wise
and keep the same apart,
yet dispense, unto the twain
out of His very heart!

Oh, the giving God I know,
blessed be His Name!
Yesterday, forever, He,
but never He the same!
He is the Owner of it all-
He gives, He takes away,
and I shall even worship Him
so far beyond That Day!

Make God your Source! All THREE of Him! HE IS ALL!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


"You narrow-minded fool!"
Yes, I have heard it many times.
Foremost, for believing that Jesus is the Only Way.
The last time I said that in a devotional, several readers asked to be dropped from the mailing list. How about you?

Awesome and majestic...
can we see at all?
The glory and the splendor,
oh, listen to Him call!
More beautiful than vision,
more wonderful than sound:
the spectacle of Jesus,
more than any senses found!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus--
not any other Name!
All of time and then beyond,
His Majesty proclaim!
Even greater than said limit
ever could contain!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh,
His glory be our gain!

And foolish shall I ever be for Him!
How about you?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Member

More remnants of the ice storm: the largest tree behind us must come down. A massive oak tree, split all the way down the trunk. It hurts.
Where I came from, such was a precious commodity, as such is being taken out by the entire grove! It is not that way here, such is taken care of and treasured! And now this...

Living, so much older, now retires...
the same, again, to soon feed many fires;
a member of the family to fade,
but oh the many memories it's made!
You taught my little children how to climb...
You tutored us in learning to tell time...
and when the cares of life attempted sting,
you rested us on your arm with a swing.
Now that it's my turn to care for you,
I confess, I don't know what to do!
I trust you back unto God, your Creator,
whatever He does for you is much greater!
But know you're deeply rooted in our hearts.
And much emotion, from our depths, imparts!
And though it appears you soon may perish,
the memories of you shall we ever cherish!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Power in Numbers

What a blessing to be in a place where all are in one accord! Have you been there?
Each Tuesday morning, I meet with 20-30 "Promise Keepers." We meet at a different church each week. We leave our denominational cloak at the door and enter in equal, grateful, and needy. God always meets us there. And this morning the Holy Spirit said

In a place where God resides,
a Presence oh so real!
Not a thing to mute His voice,
no thing to conceal!
Visible in every face,
heard in every voice...
come together in accord,
listen and rejoice.

Oh, precious His residing place--
all glory to His Name!
So evident, the glory cloud,
His Majesty proclaim!
Life in all abundance, even
life beyond this place!
Praise His Name, Omnipotent,
His glory and His grace!

Oh, blessed be the Holy Place,
no greater a retreat!
Escape to it but often,
there be made complete!
Such power there in number:
the Three of God and you:
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit--
every day anew!

Do you have such a place to escape to? Do you know that power in number? You must find that intimate place where you can share the heart with those of like faith! For there resides edification, restoration and empowering!
Find that place and be there often!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring in sight

Open your eyes...
Smell the essence of the breeze...

Fullness of the season now in vision,
echoes of the past to disappear!
Essence of the blossoms in the whisper,
to the senses now so very clear!
Restored is the desire for the garden,
those upon the wing sing of it, too!
They sing about it in the early hours,
the essence of it populates the dew!

How wonderful, the many signs of newness,
oh so welcome are the very same!
As each and every one gets recognition,
adoration goes unto His Name!
Father God, Creator of creation--
omnipresent be His autograph!
Drawn into this living are His children,
as He invites each one to live and laugh!

Laugh with me in celebration, won't you? His order is so awesome. Can you see it?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where are You?!

Ever have one of those moments where it appears that God is nowhere to be found? How about when you think He is nowhere to be found?
Have you learned the truth yet?

Where are You when I cannot feel?
Even then are You so real!
Though You seem a world away,
You respond whenever I pray.

You are more perfect than emotion.
Your love is deeper than the ocean.
I plunge me with abandon thence,
and healing is my recompense!
The currents of Your healing blood,
to overtake me as a flood
and I emerge another man
according to Your perfect plan!

Where are You when I cannot feel?
But faith, Your Presence, to reveal!
And never is my life alone—
My Father, Son and Spirit known.

No matter what you see, think or feel, God is real and right there beside you! Lean on Him.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Presence of God.
Is it only a place? Must one go there?
Is it possible that His Presence could be a constancy?
It is more than mere possibility!
Discover it. It is wonderful!

So intense, the Presence of God,
much more than even living!
He is so constantly anew,
He just keeps on giving!
When all else seems to fail, when
all others can't be found,
there is God, in true success,
His Presence to abound!
All and everything intense,
and so much, much more,
belonging to a Father Whose love
always to restore!
Can the poet even grasp
the scale of the same?
But, even then, His Presence to
defy all metered claim!

He is available to be known, but He refuses to be limited to our way of thinking! The more you know Him, the more He becomes! Try Him!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Common 'senses?'

To see, again, my brother
with vision tainted not...
to see not what I may 'obtain'
but uplift what he's got!
Even looking deeper
at "who he is" instead...
to see him as a precious man
for whom my Savior bled.

"O blind me, lest I form opinion
based upon mere 'sight!'
Silence me from words, unless
it causes You delight!
Free me to love him as You do--
without hypocrisy!
'Can only be done by the death
of high and mighty "me!"

Pray for me. I need to see with my heart. I need to embrace that man with more than just 'thought,' and not care who sees!

Monday, March 9, 2009


There it is! You can hear it.
Be still...you can feel it.
Even a few days early.

Upon the remnants of the season
frolic wings of life!
Proof of living of the past
upon the land be rife!
Lay aside the burden, take
a moment off from strife.

Creator God creating--
listen, look and laugh!
Singers on the breeze composing
winter's epitaph!
Give time its requirement
to know the scope in full;
you know what it requires, deep
within you feel its pull!

Let not a thing embezzle you
from knowing life anew!
From the sun upon the rise
to glistening of dew...
Creator God creating for
the benefit of all--
invest the moment that it takes
for YOU to hear His call!

Do whatever it takes to experience life anew as He makes it for us!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restless Streams

Walk with me...yes.
Hear that sound?

In streams that are not satisfied
I cast mine every thought.
They vocalize unto the heart
"Release what has been fought."
They laugh about the victory
they liberally enjoy,
as their verse invites all life,
refreshing, to employ.

Streams that are not satisfied
roll on their merry way,
inviting all of living to
join in with them and play!
Casting all upon the water
knowing of the waves,
releasing blessing ever flowing...
freezing what enslaves!

Streams that are not satisfied
say so much to the hearing:
a source of restoration they
unto the persevering;
Living Water reminiscent
Jesus Christ alive--
take in the Living Water to
successfully arrive!

Every one of us has opportune to slow down and savor a living moment to partake of That Water.
Do so very often!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Death become now impotent
by life that cannot fail!
The same life, unto the yielded
heart does He avail!
The grave, itself, be overcome
and fear is obsolete
all in the Name of Jesus Christ--
so powerful, so sweet!

No other Name but Jesus--
to time is He immune!
Even so, come quickly!
Soon and very soon!!
The life of Him within us,
His blessings all abounding!
We look not to the end but listen
for that Trumpet sounding!

Death be yet a transport to
where living has no end!
Those alive inside the Blood,
we're waiting to ascend!!
With a servant's heart until
He splits apart the sky!
Until that moment, to His business,
shall we occupy!!

Is such the echo of your heart? It can be! Give your heart to Him today!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crowd of Light!

In the same, the heart is visible. Can you see it? Do you want to see it? Can you handle it?

In a crowd of others there is Light;
faces run the gamut—pain to sheer delight!
A remnant, it is promised to exist—
here is no exception, life is kissed!
See the radiation of great love!
Compassion wells from deep, from deep above!
In a crowd, how glorious is Light!
Life is witnessed In the living sight!

Are you there? Can you see the beauty in people, or only the burden of a crowded place?
Slow down.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I prayed, He answered...and it was more.

God listened to my words, but He heard my heart, and His answer was more. Though I be a man of words, He still knows that I fumble them often, but He cares all the more. I told Him my need. He told me to share that need. The answers to that need came and will come from more than my scope of reason!God is so incredible!
Years ago, Pastor Venable quoted someone in one of his sermons. He said
"If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll keep getting what we always got."
Monday, I asked for something that I had never asked for before. Since I made that plea, I have been receiving like I have never received! For almost six months, I had been praying about and mulling over making that request. Finally, on the advice and the encouragement of the oldest wise man I know, I made my plea. God started honoring that plea before the sun even went down, and He will continue.
Again, His ways are more than we can grasp. He keeps proving that daily! Is He allowed to be more in your life?

In HIS Service,

Monday, March 2, 2009

THAT Place

Awesome in this place
Consummate of grace!
Christ is in The House and I am steeled!
Presence like no other...
closer than a brother...
highly favored I by Him revealed!
No one else can see...
utter honesty...
unto no one have I to 'perform.'
Holy Spirit Presence--
always effervescent
as, unto Himself, do I conform.

Awesome in this Place
consummate of grace!
Four of Us alone--
pure emotion known.

Is THAT Place known in your life? You would do very well to find it! It is a place beyond emotion, and yet the truest and purest emotions are present there...along with Jesus, Father God and the Holy Spirit--all Three of Him.
Be there!