Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reality Again

I have heard it oft said that there is no limit to God. As I get to know Him more and more each day, I realize the truth of that. As I get to know Him more and more, I realize that I know Him less and less!
One thing I do know is the reality of Him...

Again, the One reality
comes stronger than mere sight.
The knowledge of His Presence puts
all wondering to flight!
The glory and the honor comes
with sweet simplicity
as He looks into my eyes
and reaches out to me.

O that One reality
that has me in embrace.
He smiles as He takes my hands
and puts them on His face.
How can i dare flinch as He
locks His eyes on my own?
The sum of His affection, is it
ever clearly known?

Reality for to become
a level far above,
and every sense become aware
of mercy, grace and love!
And changed am I but yet again
by Presence oh so real,
as He becomes reality
to see, to hear, to feel!

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