Friday, February 6, 2009

Psalm 131

"O let me not concern myself
with that too great for me.
I will not elevate my sight
that, arrogant, I be!
Stay me in the stability
that is a servant's due;
for I commit my sustenance,
oh Lord, to only You!
What blessed calm is known as I
submit unto Your ways.
You know the width, the height, the depth
of each and all my days;
You see, already, every choice
and the result of each--
control and manage every one,
of You do I beseech!"

What a week! One that I care not to repeat! The elements got the better of the land, but did they get the better of me?
It was 7 days of realizing that I have no control over nature!
What about control over my response to such? Did I pass that test?
Do you always ace such tests?
One day, by candlelight, my reading took me to Psalm 131. It caused me to see how "haughty" I had past been when listening to the disasters of others. Please forgive me!
Please continue to pray for us as we recover.

Jim & Debby

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