Monday, February 23, 2009

No other Name!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...

Not any other name so loved
than His Whose love is mine!
From the heart, I say His Name
and I become divine!
I cannot number all the changes
in me that occur,
but then become the things He wants,
and not the things that were.
The old man that I used to be
no longer is the same,
he is passed away as I
take on that Holy Name!
Gone the past, gone the ways
this world so clearly knew,
while present be what He created--
absolutely new!

Not any other Name but Jesus,
others be accursed!
He is the Name above all names,
He is the Last and First!
He is the Lord of lords, He is
the King above all kings;
not any other Name but JESUS
through forever rings!!

Say The Name! Oh, so much of life affected by the glorious Name of Jesus!

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