Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Next Morning...*

"Thank You, Jesus!"
As I looked around, the thought kept resounding "How can something so beautiful be so destructive?!"
I hate to mention our losses. We only lost our food, our trees, and our power. A lot of folks around here lost their homes and cars, but some lost their lives.
A wonderful couple at church put us up and put up with us until the power came back. Thank you Jan & Craig!
I thought I was a strong man until this hit! We are more fortunate than most, however, as all we lost was power, food, and our trees.
EVERY tree on the property has been damaged and most must come out, but we are safe and sound, and the house is unscathed! As you look near the house, it looks like the closest trees, (the BIGGEST ones!) were broken off and gently felled next to the house...and within 3 feet of the heat pump!!
God's mercy and hand of protection are awesome!
I say that carefully, as other God-fearing folks lost almost everything!
There are at least 300 power trucks in the area. The old vacant WalMart store has become their command post. It looks so eerie to see so many trucks in one place when we go through town at night.
DON'T STOP PRAYING! There are still some without power in this area and other places.
When I was a kid in southern California, I would often hear mom tell about the ice that hit back here as she would get a call from Grandma Franklin. I would think to myself "Big deal! It's just frozen water!" Now I know how big a deal it was/is! Sorry, mom.
You cannot step outside or go ANYWHERE locally without the sound of chainsaws! Church is attempting to organize a concerted effort to help those with damage as I write this.
Unfortunately, there are those unqualified, unscrupulous arriving and preying on whomever they can. Please pray that those going around would be people of integrity, and folks would not get taken. You see the true nature of a person at times like these!
Thanks so much for your prayers! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! And please keep praying.


Behold the devastation:
ONE is in control!
Though death be ever-present,
Love preserves us whole.
Though the eyes seem hopeless,
Life will resurrect,
and greater be the outcome when
those paths shall intersect!
You wonder how I know this?
I do not understand!
But I know the faithfulness
of my Restorer's hand!
And while the psalm is flowing,
faith is flowing, too,
as the fount beholds the morn,
already living new!

Amidst the devastation, even
walking through the same,
comes the One Whose Name is Life,
and He calls out my name!
I see the healing in His eyes,
I hear it in His voice,
and, even here, He gives me cause
to praise Him and rejoice!

Behold the devastation?
It is amidst the Living!
And life shall always overcome
because He is so giving!

*This was written on the day after the ice storm, 1/28. We did not get power back until 2/2/09.

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