Saturday, February 7, 2009

Illegal Words?

Oh, what a beautiful sound.
As one repeats His Name from the heart, transportation is to a place beyond word, beyond verse, beyond logic. Further, language becomes a thing that only the Holy Spirit understands...

That which is not lawful to
record or to express,
it is revealed yet again,
the heart and soul to bless!
But Him Who makes such utterances,
I will announce His Name:
He is Jesus, and His life,
forever will I claim!

Jesus, only Jesus--
so glorious, so true!
Alive in us and in that Place,
to every saint, be due!
Jesus, only Jesus,
the source of mine each verse;
that which I be reading now
be only to rehearse!!

Oh, to be caught up again
in what cannot be spoken!
O to be, from bonds of this life,
finally be broken!!
"Even so, come quickly..." once again
my spirit cries,
as I attempt to capture all
His Spirit prophesies!

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