Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is WHAT possible?

Life's condition.
Just because there is disaster, pain, turmoil...does that mean that God is not in control?
If I look out across life and only see God in the good that is going on, do I not put Him in a box?
Can you not look at life right now, (or in the past,) and see God moving and, perhaps, even directing the 'disasters' that may be present in your own world?
I know that I have experienced the greatest growth in my spirit life through detours and outright roadblocks that have risen.
How about you?

O the "possibilities--"
shall be considered such?
Shall be put limitations
upon a perfect touch?
If there be a total touch,
shall one accept what comes,
or shall it be discussable
with myriad of sums?

Behold the possibilities
and know One is aware!
Whatever be the outcome,
it be within His care!
So far beyond assumption,
(all understanding, too,)
is His control of that which was,
what is and what is due!

Can you see God at work in your life right now, or are you only looking with your eyes?

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