Sunday, February 22, 2009

He is holy!

Is such in your daily vocabulary?
Does such a vision come to you about Him in your everyday routine? Why not?
Do such queries hint of accusation? Such is not the tense. God loves us so much that He wants to be part of EVERYTHING in our day! Are you at ease with that? Please, be so!
God already knows each motive and intent of our every deed. He already knows our every reaction to what will come our way. Why not acknowledge him there?
Does the situation of your life cast doubt upon His might, His awe, His wonder?

Delight ye in the produce of
my lips, do I beseech;
be glorified, o Father, in
my verses, one and each!
You are worthy of each moment
that my life will spend;
on You only, oh my Father,
does my life depend!

You are God alone, there is no other!
You are Father, Friend, You are my Brother!
You are the words, the music and the verse;
therefore, all my living will rehearse!

The produce of my lips,
o be it always sweet!
You are so very beautiful,
is ever praise complete?
Not in this life alone will
adoration be contained,
nor a thousand years from now
sufficiently explained!

Life is. Regardless of the temporary situation you may be in, HE REMAINS HOLY! See Him there!

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