Sunday, February 15, 2009

God came by!

Did you recognize Him? Do you always?
Then you are better than I am!
As you may have heard, we have had a devastating ice storm in this area!
Amidst the devastation, people seem to pop up everywhere offering to help...for a price! Some of those offering help are often unscrupulous! One must be cautious. This afternoon, however, we got a knock on the door. It was my daughter-in-law's folks. They said that their place had not much damage, but had heard that we did. After walking around our property, they said "O.K., we'll be back with chainsaws in about an hour." (And this is Sunday!)
That which 'appeared' insurmountable was tamed in but a few hours by someone with expertise.
God ALWAYS answers prayer. I must stop 'assuming' how He will meet the need at hand and let Him work.
Thank you, Tim & Terry.
Thank YOU, Father God!

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