Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Glory to God in the highest!"
Those of you who know me, (and probably those that you ask,) will likely affirm that such boldness is a part of my life! How about you?
But what about approaching the Throneroom?
There is a place of boldness in our walk with God. There is even a place for said boldness in approaching God and even in seeking His provision.
However, there is an equal place, (if not a more important place,) for humility and silence in His Presence...

O blessed be the Secret Place,
so beautiful, so rare.
It is a place of restoration,
respite and repair.
So many are the lessons, oh
so wonderful to learn;
I emerge another man
and look for my return.

That Secret Place He bids me to--
unto no other known.
The Savior of my soul is there,
what intimacy known.
Whatever may be sacrifice
to be in such a place,
it be a price minute as I
reflect on such a grace!

Oh, the roaring silence in
that Place that He attends.
I find I'm more than brother,
He's more close than all my friends!
For here, I'm given life that helps me
handle all of living,
as His very life, unto
my own, the Lord keeps giving.

Be there!

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