Monday, February 16, 2009

Come on, Spring!

A recurrance of winter?
Sure felt like it!
But the ice was not, the snow only lasted a few hours, and this morning it looks like nothing happened!
Through it all, God remains in control. Was I 'in control' through it all?
Keep praying for me...

The snow won't be seen
when the mountains turn green
and Spring envelopes the hills.
The sun will be out
drying things out
when Spring reaches the hills.
Rivers will run
and kids will have fun
as the animals abandon their dens...
the lakes, they will fill
with waters from the hill
and fishing will be once again!
Geese will fly north
and bears will come forth
out of their long hibernation;
and all of the greenery
that will be in the scenery
will bring unto life inspiration!

I am so ready!!

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