Saturday, February 28, 2009


Can you hear me now?
I am writing these words by faith!
How about where you are?
70 degrees last week, two inches of snow so far today.
So, by faith, I say

Startled by the season in
the greenness of the trees,
in the gentle warming of
the early morning breeze;
the flowers in the meadow, they
are vibrantly abloom!
Blessed mem'ries, deep within,
to easily exhume!

I stand out in the meadow with
my arms so highly raised...
a song inside the heart of me
as Jesus Christ is praised!
As peaceful and as beautiful
as is now the land,
so is it in the heart of me-
I clearly understand!
And it is solely thus within
as He is there indwelt-
seen so clearly on the land,
and, by all senses, felt!

Believe with me, won't you?

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