Saturday, February 28, 2009


Can you hear me now?
I am writing these words by faith!
How about where you are?
70 degrees last week, two inches of snow so far today.
So, by faith, I say

Startled by the season in
the greenness of the trees,
in the gentle warming of
the early morning breeze;
the flowers in the meadow, they
are vibrantly abloom!
Blessed mem'ries, deep within,
to easily exhume!

I stand out in the meadow with
my arms so highly raised...
a song inside the heart of me
as Jesus Christ is praised!
As peaceful and as beautiful
as is now the land,
so is it in the heart of me-
I clearly understand!
And it is solely thus within
as He is there indwelt-
seen so clearly on the land,
and, by all senses, felt!

Believe with me, won't you?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reality Again

I have heard it oft said that there is no limit to God. As I get to know Him more and more each day, I realize the truth of that. As I get to know Him more and more, I realize that I know Him less and less!
One thing I do know is the reality of Him...

Again, the One reality
comes stronger than mere sight.
The knowledge of His Presence puts
all wondering to flight!
The glory and the honor comes
with sweet simplicity
as He looks into my eyes
and reaches out to me.

O that One reality
that has me in embrace.
He smiles as He takes my hands
and puts them on His face.
How can i dare flinch as He
locks His eyes on my own?
The sum of His affection, is it
ever clearly known?

Reality for to become
a level far above,
and every sense become aware
of mercy, grace and love!
And changed am I but yet again
by Presence oh so real,
as He becomes reality
to see, to hear, to feel!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11

You planned to save my very soul
before life as we know.
As You created the heavenlies,
my grace did You bestow.
I cannot understand the length
You went to save my soul;
how can You care for even me,
and make my being whole?

In the beginning, even before
You saw what I would need,
You knew that I would need forgiveness
for mine every deed!
You knew the grace and mercy it
would take to change my heart;
You saw each need and made a way,
addressing every part!

You planned for my salvation before
any other plan;
everything about creation
focused on mere man!
How can I focus on myself
in light of Your great love?
Help me to be more 'in' the world,
and so much lesser 'of!'

I have to be out in the world,
I don't have to 'belong.'
I must 'listen' to this life,
but I can 'hear' a song!
Brother man must 'look' at me,
but he can 'see' Your face
because of Your supreme design
to save us by Your grace!

You purposed everything for me,
it is not 'me' at all!
As I live each moment, may
the man within me fall!
And may the Lord alive inside
be felt and seen and heard,
so that my brother man behold
the wonder of The Word!

God the Father is so in love with you that He already took the time to plan out your every step! Do you trust Him that much?
Do you rise in the morning saying "Father, here is what I am going to do today, wanna join me?" or can you say "Father, here am I to go with You and accomplish all that You want done today!"?

Monday, February 23, 2009

God in all!!

You are God when I am in pain.
In poverty, abundance be my gain!
In prosperity, You are the cause;
nothing is above Your perfect laws!

All my suffering is known to You.
There is no emotion that is new.
All afflictions You have known before,
thus, You are the lone Provider for!

You are God above ALL circumstance!
Because of You, this life is more than chance!
Because of You, all life may know success.
In all life, abundantly You bless!


No other Name!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...

Not any other name so loved
than His Whose love is mine!
From the heart, I say His Name
and I become divine!
I cannot number all the changes
in me that occur,
but then become the things He wants,
and not the things that were.
The old man that I used to be
no longer is the same,
he is passed away as I
take on that Holy Name!
Gone the past, gone the ways
this world so clearly knew,
while present be what He created--
absolutely new!

Not any other Name but Jesus,
others be accursed!
He is the Name above all names,
He is the Last and First!
He is the Lord of lords, He is
the King above all kings;
not any other Name but JESUS
through forever rings!!

Say The Name! Oh, so much of life affected by the glorious Name of Jesus!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

He is holy!

Is such in your daily vocabulary?
Does such a vision come to you about Him in your everyday routine? Why not?
Do such queries hint of accusation? Such is not the tense. God loves us so much that He wants to be part of EVERYTHING in our day! Are you at ease with that? Please, be so!
God already knows each motive and intent of our every deed. He already knows our every reaction to what will come our way. Why not acknowledge him there?
Does the situation of your life cast doubt upon His might, His awe, His wonder?

Delight ye in the produce of
my lips, do I beseech;
be glorified, o Father, in
my verses, one and each!
You are worthy of each moment
that my life will spend;
on You only, oh my Father,
does my life depend!

You are God alone, there is no other!
You are Father, Friend, You are my Brother!
You are the words, the music and the verse;
therefore, all my living will rehearse!

The produce of my lips,
o be it always sweet!
You are so very beautiful,
is ever praise complete?
Not in this life alone will
adoration be contained,
nor a thousand years from now
sufficiently explained!

Life is. Regardless of the temporary situation you may be in, HE REMAINS HOLY! See Him there!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is WHAT possible?

Life's condition.
Just because there is disaster, pain, turmoil...does that mean that God is not in control?
If I look out across life and only see God in the good that is going on, do I not put Him in a box?
Can you not look at life right now, (or in the past,) and see God moving and, perhaps, even directing the 'disasters' that may be present in your own world?
I know that I have experienced the greatest growth in my spirit life through detours and outright roadblocks that have risen.
How about you?

O the "possibilities--"
shall be considered such?
Shall be put limitations
upon a perfect touch?
If there be a total touch,
shall one accept what comes,
or shall it be discussable
with myriad of sums?

Behold the possibilities
and know One is aware!
Whatever be the outcome,
it be within His care!
So far beyond assumption,
(all understanding, too,)
is His control of that which was,
what is and what is due!

Can you see God at work in your life right now, or are you only looking with your eyes?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Glory to God in the highest!"
Those of you who know me, (and probably those that you ask,) will likely affirm that such boldness is a part of my life! How about you?
But what about approaching the Throneroom?
There is a place of boldness in our walk with God. There is even a place for said boldness in approaching God and even in seeking His provision.
However, there is an equal place, (if not a more important place,) for humility and silence in His Presence...

O blessed be the Secret Place,
so beautiful, so rare.
It is a place of restoration,
respite and repair.
So many are the lessons, oh
so wonderful to learn;
I emerge another man
and look for my return.

That Secret Place He bids me to--
unto no other known.
The Savior of my soul is there,
what intimacy known.
Whatever may be sacrifice
to be in such a place,
it be a price minute as I
reflect on such a grace!

Oh, the roaring silence in
that Place that He attends.
I find I'm more than brother,
He's more close than all my friends!
For here, I'm given life that helps me
handle all of living,
as His very life, unto
my own, the Lord keeps giving.

Be there!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


In a lot of things, if it were not so fun, pleasurable, enjoyable, it would then be "legal." However, just because it may be "legal" in this place, it may yet be detestable to God.
Can you differentiate the two?

"So faithfully, You wrestle with
the heart of my old man...
You spar for my surrender of
what is not of Your plan;
"But Lord, it is so innocent..."
"no one else will know..."
regardless of severity,
You will not let me go!

Your grace remains sufficient for
whatever I may do.
There is NOT a scale--for every
sin is sin to You!
O make me feel the same as You
about what You abhor;
show me how to hate it, Lord,
and not enjoy it more.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Come on, Spring!

A recurrance of winter?
Sure felt like it!
But the ice was not, the snow only lasted a few hours, and this morning it looks like nothing happened!
Through it all, God remains in control. Was I 'in control' through it all?
Keep praying for me...

The snow won't be seen
when the mountains turn green
and Spring envelopes the hills.
The sun will be out
drying things out
when Spring reaches the hills.
Rivers will run
and kids will have fun
as the animals abandon their dens...
the lakes, they will fill
with waters from the hill
and fishing will be once again!
Geese will fly north
and bears will come forth
out of their long hibernation;
and all of the greenery
that will be in the scenery
will bring unto life inspiration!

I am so ready!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

God came by!

Did you recognize Him? Do you always?
Then you are better than I am!
As you may have heard, we have had a devastating ice storm in this area!
Amidst the devastation, people seem to pop up everywhere offering to help...for a price! Some of those offering help are often unscrupulous! One must be cautious. This afternoon, however, we got a knock on the door. It was my daughter-in-law's folks. They said that their place had not much damage, but had heard that we did. After walking around our property, they said "O.K., we'll be back with chainsaws in about an hour." (And this is Sunday!)
That which 'appeared' insurmountable was tamed in but a few hours by someone with expertise.
God ALWAYS answers prayer. I must stop 'assuming' how He will meet the need at hand and let Him work.
Thank you, Tim & Terry.
Thank YOU, Father God!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Illegal Words?

Oh, what a beautiful sound.
As one repeats His Name from the heart, transportation is to a place beyond word, beyond verse, beyond logic. Further, language becomes a thing that only the Holy Spirit understands...

That which is not lawful to
record or to express,
it is revealed yet again,
the heart and soul to bless!
But Him Who makes such utterances,
I will announce His Name:
He is Jesus, and His life,
forever will I claim!

Jesus, only Jesus--
so glorious, so true!
Alive in us and in that Place,
to every saint, be due!
Jesus, only Jesus,
the source of mine each verse;
that which I be reading now
be only to rehearse!!

Oh, to be caught up again
in what cannot be spoken!
O to be, from bonds of this life,
finally be broken!!
"Even so, come quickly..." once again
my spirit cries,
as I attempt to capture all
His Spirit prophesies!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Psalm 131

"O let me not concern myself
with that too great for me.
I will not elevate my sight
that, arrogant, I be!
Stay me in the stability
that is a servant's due;
for I commit my sustenance,
oh Lord, to only You!
What blessed calm is known as I
submit unto Your ways.
You know the width, the height, the depth
of each and all my days;
You see, already, every choice
and the result of each--
control and manage every one,
of You do I beseech!"

What a week! One that I care not to repeat! The elements got the better of the land, but did they get the better of me?
It was 7 days of realizing that I have no control over nature!
What about control over my response to such? Did I pass that test?
Do you always ace such tests?
One day, by candlelight, my reading took me to Psalm 131. It caused me to see how "haughty" I had past been when listening to the disasters of others. Please forgive me!
Please continue to pray for us as we recover.

Jim & Debby

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Next Morning...*

"Thank You, Jesus!"
As I looked around, the thought kept resounding "How can something so beautiful be so destructive?!"
I hate to mention our losses. We only lost our food, our trees, and our power. A lot of folks around here lost their homes and cars, but some lost their lives.
A wonderful couple at church put us up and put up with us until the power came back. Thank you Jan & Craig!
I thought I was a strong man until this hit! We are more fortunate than most, however, as all we lost was power, food, and our trees.
EVERY tree on the property has been damaged and most must come out, but we are safe and sound, and the house is unscathed! As you look near the house, it looks like the closest trees, (the BIGGEST ones!) were broken off and gently felled next to the house...and within 3 feet of the heat pump!!
God's mercy and hand of protection are awesome!
I say that carefully, as other God-fearing folks lost almost everything!
There are at least 300 power trucks in the area. The old vacant WalMart store has become their command post. It looks so eerie to see so many trucks in one place when we go through town at night.
DON'T STOP PRAYING! There are still some without power in this area and other places.
When I was a kid in southern California, I would often hear mom tell about the ice that hit back here as she would get a call from Grandma Franklin. I would think to myself "Big deal! It's just frozen water!" Now I know how big a deal it was/is! Sorry, mom.
You cannot step outside or go ANYWHERE locally without the sound of chainsaws! Church is attempting to organize a concerted effort to help those with damage as I write this.
Unfortunately, there are those unqualified, unscrupulous arriving and preying on whomever they can. Please pray that those going around would be people of integrity, and folks would not get taken. You see the true nature of a person at times like these!
Thanks so much for your prayers! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! And please keep praying.


Behold the devastation:
ONE is in control!
Though death be ever-present,
Love preserves us whole.
Though the eyes seem hopeless,
Life will resurrect,
and greater be the outcome when
those paths shall intersect!
You wonder how I know this?
I do not understand!
But I know the faithfulness
of my Restorer's hand!
And while the psalm is flowing,
faith is flowing, too,
as the fount beholds the morn,
already living new!

Amidst the devastation, even
walking through the same,
comes the One Whose Name is Life,
and He calls out my name!
I see the healing in His eyes,
I hear it in His voice,
and, even here, He gives me cause
to praise Him and rejoice!

Behold the devastation?
It is amidst the Living!
And life shall always overcome
because He is so giving!

*This was written on the day after the ice storm, 1/28. We did not get power back until 2/2/09.