Thursday, January 8, 2009


What is worship to you? Is it merely singing or praising God?
It is not merely ‘worship.’
It is a vehicle of transport over, through, out of, above and beyond!
It is not ‘just a part of the service,’ it is a way of life, a state of mind, a condition of the heart.
It is an escape to where healing, blessing and restoration take place.
If worship is only a ‘thing,’ then ‘things’ are all that we will receive from it.
Again, worship is a way of life. Emotions are a part of life. Can you differentiate them? Can you separate them? Should they be apart?
Worship can be a corporate, community event. But, it must also be personal! We serve a very personal God! A very jealous God. He demands our time. Not for His personal need, but for our personal growth.
Have you learned that yet?
Is that too demanding for you? For your schedule?
I promise you, whatever you give to God, He will more than return it to you in ways that are only availed by Him!
The more open and honest you are with Him, the more He will honor your heart by giving of Himself.
“You cannot out-give God.” I am sure you have heard this. However, most of the time it is said is in reference to what you put in the offering. I personally challenge you to try to apply it to your time with Him, your display of love for Him, your reading of His Word.
One of the hardest things for me to do was to go to God without an agenda, a ‘wish list,’ a paper and pen… just God and I, listening to His voice, following His lead, looking at what He shows me… just time with Him.
Listening… is it as difficult for you as it sometimes is for me? One of the things I had to teach myself was “Don’t be afraid of silence.” When I was in high school, a portion of a class was on ‘relationships.’ I vividly recall a statement: “If there is silence in a relationship, it is a sign that something is missing or failing.” As I developed a relationship with God, (and with my wife,) I very soon realized how faulty that statement was! Debby and I can sit at length and enjoy the silent company of each other, and leave refreshed and rewarded. It is even more so with God! No, not all times are like that. If they were, we would be robots! But some of those silent times have produced the most profound messages! Fear not the silence.

Savor the awe of such moments of worship! Do not put God in a box when it comes to 'worship!'

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