Friday, January 23, 2009

When the dawn...

What will your day contain?
Are you sure?
Most of the time, we THINK we have that answer.
Are you ever wrong about it?
I know I am!

When the dawn occurred today
it did behind a veil.
Now that it has gone away, though,
light has yet to fail!
The fairness of the mountainside...
the beauty of the shroud...
even as the sun awaits,
at present, 'yond the cloud!

Naught to disappear here in
the presence of the King...
naught to hinder that within,
unto the same, to sing!
No matter what the elements,
no matter what appear,
that melody so deep within
shall ever ring so clear!

When the dawn occurred today
it was a while ago,
and I enjoy my morning break,
the Trinity to know!
Recounting, oh, the many blessings
so far on this day,
and looking forward to the rest,
whatever comes my way!

What will YOU do about today? Will you complain about it, or try to see the good in whatever happens?

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