Friday, January 9, 2009

"We are beautiful!"

There are so many that I know who will refute such truth! God's Word affirms, however, that "...we are the righteousness of God in Christ," and that when He looks at us He sees Jesus. Is not Jesus Christ beautiful?
Hear His Word:

"You tell me I am beautiful,
You call me worthy, too;
You say that I am valuable
and I belong to You;
You stable me with vision as
You tell me 'You are Mine;'
You move into my heart and soul
and I become divine.
Everyday as Yours becomes
a blessing and brand new.
You bought me with a greatest price,
thus I belong to You!
You treat me, though, more than "possession,"
You allow me live,
all while my needs and my desires
faithfully You give.

You feed me in so many ways,
far more than food or drink!
With Your direction, Lord, my deeds,
no longer do they stink!
Be everything I am, let me
be everything You are,
so that the attributes of You
will never be afar!"

May such be the cry of each of our hearts as we constantly strive to be more like Him!

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