Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking Flight

Do you have a chance to? Is it a location?
How often?
If you are normal, it must be a regular event! I know it must be done, I know WHO I must go see, and I know that there is blest refreshing awaiting...

Unto the mountains of seclusion
once more I take flight.
In the Presence of Him only
does my heart delight!
Far from all distractions, nothing
interrupts at all;
oh, for that retreat each time
the Spirit comes to call!

Solitude and solace,
precious and so pure;
here for to obtain that which
enables me endure;
here to give to Him most
valuable of sacrifice:
I trade my time and my attention
for that without price!

Oh, the peaks of solitude
so far beyond my word;
most wonderful of transformation
in this place occurred!
So intimate, this wilderness,
familiar and unknown;
being with my God and Father--
four of us alone!

Each of us have a busy schedule. However, let NOTHING rob you of sweet fellowship with God the Father--all Three of Him!

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