Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Security

So very fortunate are those who know God!
He is THE Giver of life and all things good.
Too, He is the ONLY Giver of lasting things--love, peace, hope, eternity, and security...

Again, the sweet security
of God and His embrace.
He says to me “I understand,”
as I look in His face.
There is not any greater peace
than that which He provides.
In His holy Presence, what
security abides!

Oh, that sweet security,
it is a way of living.
He is so very generous,
He is so very giving!
Impossible to tally as,
each day, it’s more and more
than the mercies that were just
an incident before!

O savor the security
that is the Lord of love.
His grace, alone, retaining us
inside, below, above!
Separated, called apart
for purposes beyond…
all of this provided us
of His affection bond!

Do you have That security yet? You can! Just ask Him!

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