Friday, January 9, 2009

Straight & Narrow

“Invite Jesus into your heart and all your troubles will be over!”
How many of us have found that to be fallacy? The troubles will continue, oh but there is a greater reality: He will go through it with you!
Let Him!

I’m stable and I’m safe—
is the same a curse?
If I am center in Your will
will life improve…will it get worse?
Will it not stagnate, though, if I
make no attempt to see?
Continue to direct me, Lord,
obedient I’ll be.
I will obey Your calling, even
if it brings me hurt.
I have learned the very same
will keep me on alert!
And I know it won’t be more
than You know I can take;
and I know that, through it all,
progress I will make!

I turn to You when all the world
would go the other way.
I cling unto Your settled Word
in spite of what they say!
You are Truth—and not always
what I want to hear,
but I know it will be success
if I but persevere!


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