Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Are you in a position to recognize the season's signatures? The greatest sacrifice is time, itself.
Take the time...

Sentinels are dancing...
each guard be at his post...
the whisper all throughout the camp
to smack of winter-most!
Lesser life be yet encamped
in barracks and so warm,
before is known the fullness of
the season's ivory swarm!

One Supreme Commander,
while overseeing all,
protects the eyes beholding
regardless of how small!
He orders all of season,
He knows the good and bad;
and He invites embraces
desiring be "Dad."

How many are the hardy
that may withstand the blast?
The signatures of season,
briefly may they last;
beautiful to vision,
but trial to other sense;
savor every moment
and praise Omnipotence!

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