Thursday, January 8, 2009


Worthless words. What good are these verses to them that cannot see? Unless that person has someone to read the words out loud, what good are they? This man doesn’t know Braille.
Pray for me…

Why are there tears upon a sight?
Do emotions ‘see?’
In the presence of creation
deep emotions be!
Vision soars but just above
and down the angry coast—
of His grace and His creation,
proudly would it boast!

But what about my brother man
who cannot see at all?
Does such splendor and such wonder,
on his being, fall?
Does the beauty of creation,
with his soul, acquaint?
Therefore must I, with verse and voice,
His grand creation, paint!

A portrait in a paragraph…
a vision in a voice…
a word of beauty to the wanting,
helping them rejoice!



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