Friday, January 16, 2009

Pray for me...

"Father, I raise up to You that man that slandered me out of that promotion.
Bless him, please.
Save his very soul, my Father.
Please keep my heart right before him and before You.
Please cause me to have a pure and right heart before You at all times.
Please be seen and heard in my daily life.
Please help me to live You before all.
In fact, Father, get me completely out of the way so that You may work!
They are watching me, Father. May they see You instead."

So often I fall short...
too often do I sin...
too merciful, my Father,
once more to take me in;
His arms are always open,
His countenance aglow;
His mercy, without measure,
His vision tells me so!

Impossible to grasp Him,
yet so simple to relate;
the Father that embraces me,
He is so very great!
His love is even greater--
for He chooses to reside
where He can best relate to me:
my heart, so deep inside!

Whatever you have done, it is not so terrible that God cannot forgive. Ask Him! Don't let any lie embezzle you out of a relationship with a Father Who is perfect!


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