Saturday, January 24, 2009


Pray for me again.
Jesus gave a parable about wealthy people. He mentioned how they are treated when they walk into a room. He pointed out how we are more apt to serve the wealthy ones than we are the poor, dirty, smelly person.
I know none of you are that way, so pray for me.
The longer I am in public service, the more prevalent I see the same tendency. Why is it so offensive when I see someone else do it, but fine when I do?

I should go to "the least of these..."
instead of the "elite of these;"
Why do I seek the well-to-do
when EVERYONE is loved by You?
Deliver me from caste and class,
lest, on That Day, I fail to pass!
O teach me love without restraint,
that not a thing, my heart, would taint!

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