Monday, January 5, 2009

No Longer There!

Across the miles I can see
a solitary hill.
There, upon the crest of it,
a Cross is standing still.
There is no one on that Cross
because He is alive,
due to the scenario
the Father did contrive.
He is alive in majesty,
in power and in love;
and biddeth He to such as we
to, with Him, rise above!
He bore the stripes, He bore the Cross,
He bore the awful shame,
just so He could enable us,
if so, to do the same!
So, since He has gone through it all
and, in us, He does live,
we can face anything
that this old world can give!

He is no longer on that Cross,
He is alive in power!
Seated at the Father's right,
waiting for His hour!!

No longer there.
Is He still on the Cross in your life? He was crucified ONCE and for ALL! The Cross will never lose its power, but it did lose its occupant! HE IS ALIVE!
Allow His LIFE into your own!

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