Friday, January 2, 2009

The Meal

I'm hungry!
But what will satisfy? Am I even aware of what I hunger for?
Of a truth, there is so much out there to desire, but things that satisfy. Some things satisfy momentarily, but very few things keep one satisfied.
I have found the greatest...

And since He's come into my heart
I've yet to lack a thing.
For when He came, such blest provision
did He also bring!
I have not known hunger,
nor since did e'er I thirst;
but why could I not yield to Him
there at the very first?

But wait! A single hunger and
a thirst has since occurred!
One so very deep within,
'tis for His Holy Word!
A single way to feed it:
to devour it each day!
The appetizer and dessert
are both the same: to pray.
And I "be being filled" as on
the Holy Word I dine!
Nourishment unto the marrow
and the joints of mine!
Exactly what I need to make it
'til I dine again;
even extra so to go
and share it with all men!!

Are you hungry? For what? Does it satisfy?
Consume His Word!!

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