Sunday, January 18, 2009

GOOD Night...

Do you have them?
Recently, for the first time in my life, I have had trouble sleeping. The doctors have explanations for it, but God is far greater than to be contained within a medical explanation. I tell Him about my sleeping problems. He says "I know;" then He smiles at me as I realize

When sleep once more escapes me You are there;
You speak with sweet assurance that You care;
You visit me so I am not alone,
'til once again my pillow becomes known.

And in the hours unaware
no thing at all to bid me scare;
For You are greater, higher, too,
than what is and is not in view!
Imaginations, all, cast down
as You arrest the slightest frown
and cause a peace that passes all
about my life to freely fall.

O Prince of Peace attending,
Your Presence is unending;
Your virtues far beyond...
of You am I so fond!

Do you know this place too?
Can you realize in those dark hours that He is there with you, as well?
Trust me, if you cannot sense Him, all you must do is whisper His Name.

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