Saturday, January 17, 2009

God's Favor

I am so desperate for God. Are you?
Yes, I have Him everywhere at all times, but does that satisfy my need or desire for Him?
The more I have Him, the more I love Him, the more I want of Him! My relationship with Him is insatiable!
How is your relationship?

I have to have You, oh my God!
Without You, I am naught!
ALL that I could need or want,
but only You have got!
That which I require, all
that I desire, too,
the same, for it is only known
in One and only You!

You even know, Lord, that of which
I am not yet aware.
You see my needs before I do
and keep them in Your care;
You know my heart's desires even
better than my heart,
and in Your perfect time, oh God,
those blessings You impart!

You know me more than any other,
oh, my Father god.
And, more than any other, God,
You see me and applaud!
How can I grasp Your favor, God,
as I am only man?
But I will live and celebrate You
as long as I can!

Can you see it? Can you see the favor God has of you? There are all kinds of cliches of late about God's favor, but until you truly see and feel it with your heart, they will only remain cliches.
Seek His favor. It is so real!!

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