Monday, January 19, 2009


Do you have direction? Are you sure?
Oh, the many years past when I begged for such!
I sought the same in all the wrong places!
But that was B.C.!
Does that mean I have all the answers now?
Of course not, but I know Who the Compass is!
Do you?

Before activity,
He comes so faithfully;
Before I may depart,
I must attend His heart!
He strengthens and equips,
my hand He firmly grips,
He looks into my face,
and I embark in grace!
And I would start my day
not any other way!
When I have not a clue,
He knows all I must do!
There be no greater route;
I never am without!
So perfect is His lead
to any that would heed!

Will you heed?

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