Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Blessed

Are you blessed?
If you know Jesus as Lord, you are blessed!
Does that mean you know exactly how you will be blessed by what and when?
God bless you, then! I'm not there yet.
What I do know is that in whatever happens, somehow I will see His providence. Not necessarily immediately, but proof of His Presence will find me eventually...

Blessings find their way to them
that cling unto the Blessed...
Healing comes to them that, from
the deepest, have confessed...
Salvation comes to them that have
repented from all sin...
and when His favor is received,
He does it all again!

Blessings find their way, and then
when blessings come return,
the same are greater than before--
impossible to learn!
Each day becomes better and
then better than before:
just when He is recognized,
He then becomes much more!

Blessings find their way in spite
of circumstances here.
The fact that He is present in
each day is very clear.
He causes every situation
work toward the best
for them addressing Him as "Lord,"
for they are known as "blessed."

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