Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Am I prepared?

There are millions of folks who can echo this. However, there are also millions of reasons they can say that, and their affirmations differ from mine in as many ways!
Blessings are not a list of things, they are a state of mind. The fortune that I have in the bank would probably cause another man to panic! The amount of money that he may have in the same place might make me a nervous wreck!
However, there are things that are so basic to each of us that are missing in many other lives. What am I doing to meet those needs…

When will I see reality?
Does even such exist?
Why do I ignore the same,
then boast that I have missed?
“Be ye warmed and clothed” I say,
then go about my day…
How did I get so far off of
the Straight and Narrow Way?

I want to love and shelter him
if he smells alright…
I want to embrace her, Lord,
if it is out of sight…
I want to feed that boy or girl,
but what if someone sees?
Destroy my wretched heart, oh God,
and give me Your Own, please!

But do I want reality?
Can I handle such?
I revel in Your blessings, Lord,
but do they know of such?
Oh ready me to touch them, God,
in their reality,
that there be not a hint of slight
in our disparity!

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