Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Can you name the absolutes that are in your life?
If you are honest with yourself, that list may not take too long.

Imprisoned in uncertainty
in this decaying place...
shackled by ambiguity
that, everyday, I face...
yearning so to break away
from such oppressive grind;
desiring to be with Him
where, good things, I can find!
There are not many absolutes
in this temporal place;
and, of those few, most emanate
from Him Who saves by grace:
eternity, salvation's song,
His peace, His gentle hand,
His constant care, His perfect love,
they're things I understand.
There's nothing indestructible
in this dying world.
Everything we see will soon,
into the flames, be hurled!
But those things that I cannot see,
on those I'm standing fast:
faith and hope and love and grace,
forever they will last!

I cannot base my happiness
on worldly things around.
The things it offers unto me
are anything but sound!
For all of my stability
in heart and soul and mind,
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--
in Him, all this I find!

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