Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Security

So very fortunate are those who know God!
He is THE Giver of life and all things good.
Too, He is the ONLY Giver of lasting things--love, peace, hope, eternity, and security...

Again, the sweet security
of God and His embrace.
He says to me “I understand,”
as I look in His face.
There is not any greater peace
than that which He provides.
In His holy Presence, what
security abides!

Oh, that sweet security,
it is a way of living.
He is so very generous,
He is so very giving!
Impossible to tally as,
each day, it’s more and more
than the mercies that were just
an incident before!

O savor the security
that is the Lord of love.
His grace, alone, retaining us
inside, below, above!
Separated, called apart
for purposes beyond…
all of this provided us
of His affection bond!

Do you have That security yet? You can! Just ask Him!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Blessed

Are you blessed?
If you know Jesus as Lord, you are blessed!
Does that mean you know exactly how you will be blessed by what and when?
God bless you, then! I'm not there yet.
What I do know is that in whatever happens, somehow I will see His providence. Not necessarily immediately, but proof of His Presence will find me eventually...

Blessings find their way to them
that cling unto the Blessed...
Healing comes to them that, from
the deepest, have confessed...
Salvation comes to them that have
repented from all sin...
and when His favor is received,
He does it all again!

Blessings find their way, and then
when blessings come return,
the same are greater than before--
impossible to learn!
Each day becomes better and
then better than before:
just when He is recognized,
He then becomes much more!

Blessings find their way in spite
of circumstances here.
The fact that He is present in
each day is very clear.
He causes every situation
work toward the best
for them addressing Him as "Lord,"
for they are known as "blessed."

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Pray for me again.
Jesus gave a parable about wealthy people. He mentioned how they are treated when they walk into a room. He pointed out how we are more apt to serve the wealthy ones than we are the poor, dirty, smelly person.
I know none of you are that way, so pray for me.
The longer I am in public service, the more prevalent I see the same tendency. Why is it so offensive when I see someone else do it, but fine when I do?

I should go to "the least of these..."
instead of the "elite of these;"
Why do I seek the well-to-do
when EVERYONE is loved by You?
Deliver me from caste and class,
lest, on That Day, I fail to pass!
O teach me love without restraint,
that not a thing, my heart, would taint!

Friday, January 23, 2009

When the dawn...

What will your day contain?
Are you sure?
Most of the time, we THINK we have that answer.
Are you ever wrong about it?
I know I am!

When the dawn occurred today
it did behind a veil.
Now that it has gone away, though,
light has yet to fail!
The fairness of the mountainside...
the beauty of the shroud...
even as the sun awaits,
at present, 'yond the cloud!

Naught to disappear here in
the presence of the King...
naught to hinder that within,
unto the same, to sing!
No matter what the elements,
no matter what appear,
that melody so deep within
shall ever ring so clear!

When the dawn occurred today
it was a while ago,
and I enjoy my morning break,
the Trinity to know!
Recounting, oh, the many blessings
so far on this day,
and looking forward to the rest,
whatever comes my way!

What will YOU do about today? Will you complain about it, or try to see the good in whatever happens?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Will I slowly crumble?
Will I outright crash?
Will I be soft and humble?
Will I be hard and brash?

God knows mine each and all intent,
He knows my total heart;
He knows what I can handle,
too much He won’t impart.

Situations rise
each and every day.
Each of us has opportune
to act the proper way.
Will it be the “old man,”
or Christ in me anew?
“Oh Lord, be seen and felt and heard
in everything we do.”

Am I prepared?

There are millions of folks who can echo this. However, there are also millions of reasons they can say that, and their affirmations differ from mine in as many ways!
Blessings are not a list of things, they are a state of mind. The fortune that I have in the bank would probably cause another man to panic! The amount of money that he may have in the same place might make me a nervous wreck!
However, there are things that are so basic to each of us that are missing in many other lives. What am I doing to meet those needs…

When will I see reality?
Does even such exist?
Why do I ignore the same,
then boast that I have missed?
“Be ye warmed and clothed” I say,
then go about my day…
How did I get so far off of
the Straight and Narrow Way?

I want to love and shelter him
if he smells alright…
I want to embrace her, Lord,
if it is out of sight…
I want to feed that boy or girl,
but what if someone sees?
Destroy my wretched heart, oh God,
and give me Your Own, please!

But do I want reality?
Can I handle such?
I revel in Your blessings, Lord,
but do they know of such?
Oh ready me to touch them, God,
in their reality,
that there be not a hint of slight
in our disparity!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day, 2009

Leaders, kings, presidents,
the same, they come and go.
There is no thing about such term
the Father does not know;
His Word has affirmation unto
which we each must cling:
HE ordains each president,
each leader and each king!
I am commanded by the same
to pray for that one man.
It did not say "...if I agree
in politic and plan;"
nor is it a 'suggestion' I
petition God's support,
I'm ordered and ordained to do so
from the Highest Court!

"So, Lord, please tend the heart of that one
You've appointed now.
Stable him upon That Path
as we affirm that vow;
Direct, protect his every step,
ordain his every thought;
reveal him as Your servant, Lord,
in every moment wrought.

In Jesus' Name,

Monday, January 19, 2009


Do you have direction? Are you sure?
Oh, the many years past when I begged for such!
I sought the same in all the wrong places!
But that was B.C.!
Does that mean I have all the answers now?
Of course not, but I know Who the Compass is!
Do you?

Before activity,
He comes so faithfully;
Before I may depart,
I must attend His heart!
He strengthens and equips,
my hand He firmly grips,
He looks into my face,
and I embark in grace!
And I would start my day
not any other way!
When I have not a clue,
He knows all I must do!
There be no greater route;
I never am without!
So perfect is His lead
to any that would heed!

Will you heed?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

GOOD Night...

Do you have them?
Recently, for the first time in my life, I have had trouble sleeping. The doctors have explanations for it, but God is far greater than to be contained within a medical explanation. I tell Him about my sleeping problems. He says "I know;" then He smiles at me as I realize

When sleep once more escapes me You are there;
You speak with sweet assurance that You care;
You visit me so I am not alone,
'til once again my pillow becomes known.

And in the hours unaware
no thing at all to bid me scare;
For You are greater, higher, too,
than what is and is not in view!
Imaginations, all, cast down
as You arrest the slightest frown
and cause a peace that passes all
about my life to freely fall.

O Prince of Peace attending,
Your Presence is unending;
Your virtues far beyond...
of You am I so fond!

Do you know this place too?
Can you realize in those dark hours that He is there with you, as well?
Trust me, if you cannot sense Him, all you must do is whisper His Name.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

God's Favor

I am so desperate for God. Are you?
Yes, I have Him everywhere at all times, but does that satisfy my need or desire for Him?
The more I have Him, the more I love Him, the more I want of Him! My relationship with Him is insatiable!
How is your relationship?

I have to have You, oh my God!
Without You, I am naught!
ALL that I could need or want,
but only You have got!
That which I require, all
that I desire, too,
the same, for it is only known
in One and only You!

You even know, Lord, that of which
I am not yet aware.
You see my needs before I do
and keep them in Your care;
You know my heart's desires even
better than my heart,
and in Your perfect time, oh God,
those blessings You impart!

You know me more than any other,
oh, my Father god.
And, more than any other, God,
You see me and applaud!
How can I grasp Your favor, God,
as I am only man?
But I will live and celebrate You
as long as I can!

Can you see it? Can you see the favor God has of you? There are all kinds of cliches of late about God's favor, but until you truly see and feel it with your heart, they will only remain cliches.
Seek His favor. It is so real!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pray for me...

"Father, I raise up to You that man that slandered me out of that promotion.
Bless him, please.
Save his very soul, my Father.
Please keep my heart right before him and before You.
Please cause me to have a pure and right heart before You at all times.
Please be seen and heard in my daily life.
Please help me to live You before all.
In fact, Father, get me completely out of the way so that You may work!
They are watching me, Father. May they see You instead."

So often I fall short...
too often do I sin...
too merciful, my Father,
once more to take me in;
His arms are always open,
His countenance aglow;
His mercy, without measure,
His vision tells me so!

Impossible to grasp Him,
yet so simple to relate;
the Father that embraces me,
He is so very great!
His love is even greater--
for He chooses to reside
where He can best relate to me:
my heart, so deep inside!

Whatever you have done, it is not so terrible that God cannot forgive. Ask Him! Don't let any lie embezzle you out of a relationship with a Father Who is perfect!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Are you in a position to recognize the season's signatures? The greatest sacrifice is time, itself.
Take the time...

Sentinels are dancing...
each guard be at his post...
the whisper all throughout the camp
to smack of winter-most!
Lesser life be yet encamped
in barracks and so warm,
before is known the fullness of
the season's ivory swarm!

One Supreme Commander,
while overseeing all,
protects the eyes beholding
regardless of how small!
He orders all of season,
He knows the good and bad;
and He invites embraces
desiring be "Dad."

How many are the hardy
that may withstand the blast?
The signatures of season,
briefly may they last;
beautiful to vision,
but trial to other sense;
savor every moment
and praise Omnipotence!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Straight & Narrow

“Invite Jesus into your heart and all your troubles will be over!”
How many of us have found that to be fallacy? The troubles will continue, oh but there is a greater reality: He will go through it with you!
Let Him!

I’m stable and I’m safe—
is the same a curse?
If I am center in Your will
will life improve…will it get worse?
Will it not stagnate, though, if I
make no attempt to see?
Continue to direct me, Lord,
obedient I’ll be.
I will obey Your calling, even
if it brings me hurt.
I have learned the very same
will keep me on alert!
And I know it won’t be more
than You know I can take;
and I know that, through it all,
progress I will make!

I turn to You when all the world
would go the other way.
I cling unto Your settled Word
in spite of what they say!
You are Truth—and not always
what I want to hear,
but I know it will be success
if I but persevere!


"We are beautiful!"

There are so many that I know who will refute such truth! God's Word affirms, however, that "...we are the righteousness of God in Christ," and that when He looks at us He sees Jesus. Is not Jesus Christ beautiful?
Hear His Word:

"You tell me I am beautiful,
You call me worthy, too;
You say that I am valuable
and I belong to You;
You stable me with vision as
You tell me 'You are Mine;'
You move into my heart and soul
and I become divine.
Everyday as Yours becomes
a blessing and brand new.
You bought me with a greatest price,
thus I belong to You!
You treat me, though, more than "possession,"
You allow me live,
all while my needs and my desires
faithfully You give.

You feed me in so many ways,
far more than food or drink!
With Your direction, Lord, my deeds,
no longer do they stink!
Be everything I am, let me
be everything You are,
so that the attributes of You
will never be afar!"

May such be the cry of each of our hearts as we constantly strive to be more like Him!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Untouchable Peace

“Good morning.”
Can you say that without apprehension?
Let us not lose sight of WHO is Morning. Father God is newer every morning. He is already aware of your life…AND the life of everyone everywhere!
Does that give you any peace?

In the mist of morning, Father,
there is none like You!
You take world from yesterday
and make it all brand new!
Can then the poet argue
with, at all, success,
the way that You renew all life,
abundantly to bless?

In the mist of morning,
the glory of You greets.
Instead of adoration, there is
panic in the streets!
Instead of standing fast in You,
they flounder in the sands;
they look into the winds instead
of looking in Your hands!

In the mist of morning—
morning so brand new…
oh, when will I depend on the
security that’s You?
Opinion not to matter,
no panic to effect…
my faith for to solidify,
believing to perfect!

“…and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”
Matthew 24:6


Worthless words. What good are these verses to them that cannot see? Unless that person has someone to read the words out loud, what good are they? This man doesn’t know Braille.
Pray for me…

Why are there tears upon a sight?
Do emotions ‘see?’
In the presence of creation
deep emotions be!
Vision soars but just above
and down the angry coast—
of His grace and His creation,
proudly would it boast!

But what about my brother man
who cannot see at all?
Does such splendor and such wonder,
on his being, fall?
Does the beauty of creation,
with his soul, acquaint?
Therefore must I, with verse and voice,
His grand creation, paint!

A portrait in a paragraph…
a vision in a voice…
a word of beauty to the wanting,
helping them rejoice!




What is worship to you? Is it merely singing or praising God?
It is not merely ‘worship.’
It is a vehicle of transport over, through, out of, above and beyond!
It is not ‘just a part of the service,’ it is a way of life, a state of mind, a condition of the heart.
It is an escape to where healing, blessing and restoration take place.
If worship is only a ‘thing,’ then ‘things’ are all that we will receive from it.
Again, worship is a way of life. Emotions are a part of life. Can you differentiate them? Can you separate them? Should they be apart?
Worship can be a corporate, community event. But, it must also be personal! We serve a very personal God! A very jealous God. He demands our time. Not for His personal need, but for our personal growth.
Have you learned that yet?
Is that too demanding for you? For your schedule?
I promise you, whatever you give to God, He will more than return it to you in ways that are only availed by Him!
The more open and honest you are with Him, the more He will honor your heart by giving of Himself.
“You cannot out-give God.” I am sure you have heard this. However, most of the time it is said is in reference to what you put in the offering. I personally challenge you to try to apply it to your time with Him, your display of love for Him, your reading of His Word.
One of the hardest things for me to do was to go to God without an agenda, a ‘wish list,’ a paper and pen… just God and I, listening to His voice, following His lead, looking at what He shows me… just time with Him.
Listening… is it as difficult for you as it sometimes is for me? One of the things I had to teach myself was “Don’t be afraid of silence.” When I was in high school, a portion of a class was on ‘relationships.’ I vividly recall a statement: “If there is silence in a relationship, it is a sign that something is missing or failing.” As I developed a relationship with God, (and with my wife,) I very soon realized how faulty that statement was! Debby and I can sit at length and enjoy the silent company of each other, and leave refreshed and rewarded. It is even more so with God! No, not all times are like that. If they were, we would be robots! But some of those silent times have produced the most profound messages! Fear not the silence.

Savor the awe of such moments of worship! Do not put God in a box when it comes to 'worship!'

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Not only in this life alone,
the joy of all You are—
Your jubilation rings throughout
the heavens in each star!
Creation even echoes unto
You in life alive!
O, that sweet plateau of praise—
will ever we arrive?
The mountains stand with Your strength.
the hills, they skip about!
The seas resound unto the coastlands
with a constant shout!
Those upon the wing, they carry
joy in each direction;
the adoration of You so
becomes a sweet infection!

The joy of everything You are—
eternal, settled, true;
I celebrate the constancy
of sacrifice by You!

2 Corinthinans 15:19

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Can you name the absolutes that are in your life?
If you are honest with yourself, that list may not take too long.

Imprisoned in uncertainty
in this decaying place...
shackled by ambiguity
that, everyday, I face...
yearning so to break away
from such oppressive grind;
desiring to be with Him
where, good things, I can find!
There are not many absolutes
in this temporal place;
and, of those few, most emanate
from Him Who saves by grace:
eternity, salvation's song,
His peace, His gentle hand,
His constant care, His perfect love,
they're things I understand.
There's nothing indestructible
in this dying world.
Everything we see will soon,
into the flames, be hurled!
But those things that I cannot see,
on those I'm standing fast:
faith and hope and love and grace,
forever they will last!

I cannot base my happiness
on worldly things around.
The things it offers unto me
are anything but sound!
For all of my stability
in heart and soul and mind,
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--
in Him, all this I find!

Monday, January 5, 2009

No Longer There!

Across the miles I can see
a solitary hill.
There, upon the crest of it,
a Cross is standing still.
There is no one on that Cross
because He is alive,
due to the scenario
the Father did contrive.
He is alive in majesty,
in power and in love;
and biddeth He to such as we
to, with Him, rise above!
He bore the stripes, He bore the Cross,
He bore the awful shame,
just so He could enable us,
if so, to do the same!
So, since He has gone through it all
and, in us, He does live,
we can face anything
that this old world can give!

He is no longer on that Cross,
He is alive in power!
Seated at the Father's right,
waiting for His hour!!

No longer there.
Is He still on the Cross in your life? He was crucified ONCE and for ALL! The Cross will never lose its power, but it did lose its occupant! HE IS ALIVE!
Allow His LIFE into your own!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking Flight

Do you have a chance to? Is it a location?
How often?
If you are normal, it must be a regular event! I know it must be done, I know WHO I must go see, and I know that there is blest refreshing awaiting...

Unto the mountains of seclusion
once more I take flight.
In the Presence of Him only
does my heart delight!
Far from all distractions, nothing
interrupts at all;
oh, for that retreat each time
the Spirit comes to call!

Solitude and solace,
precious and so pure;
here for to obtain that which
enables me endure;
here to give to Him most
valuable of sacrifice:
I trade my time and my attention
for that without price!

Oh, the peaks of solitude
so far beyond my word;
most wonderful of transformation
in this place occurred!
So intimate, this wilderness,
familiar and unknown;
being with my God and Father--
four of us alone!

Each of us have a busy schedule. However, let NOTHING rob you of sweet fellowship with God the Father--all Three of Him!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Meal

I'm hungry!
But what will satisfy? Am I even aware of what I hunger for?
Of a truth, there is so much out there to desire, but things that satisfy. Some things satisfy momentarily, but very few things keep one satisfied.
I have found the greatest...

And since He's come into my heart
I've yet to lack a thing.
For when He came, such blest provision
did He also bring!
I have not known hunger,
nor since did e'er I thirst;
but why could I not yield to Him
there at the very first?

But wait! A single hunger and
a thirst has since occurred!
One so very deep within,
'tis for His Holy Word!
A single way to feed it:
to devour it each day!
The appetizer and dessert
are both the same: to pray.
And I "be being filled" as on
the Holy Word I dine!
Nourishment unto the marrow
and the joints of mine!
Exactly what I need to make it
'til I dine again;
even extra so to go
and share it with all men!!

Are you hungry? For what? Does it satisfy?
Consume His Word!!