Monday, December 22, 2008


Does that word make you shiver?
I realize that today's words get read in four different seasons, but where they are written it is 9 degrees! It is, however, quite beautiful!
What of the weather of the heart, though? Is it cold and unbearable? Is it stormy? Is it warm and inviting?

Frozen out the window...
vision amplified
by the sun of Christmas time
shining vision-wide.

So warm behind the window...
senses amplified
by the Son of Christmas time
shining living-wide!

So is the moving of the Spirit
here upon my my knees
my prayers to go living-wide
beyond festivities:
beyond the decorations,
celebrations, gifts and meals,
the birthday One looks at us each
and once again appeals.
He loves the celebrations, He
appreciates the praise,
but how does He look on the flurry
of the Holidays?
I must determine balance of
the giving and the Gift
as I allow His Majesty,
my very being, sift.

The weather of the holidays-
is it determined by my ways?
In spite of ANY winter storm,
may God find dwelling calm and warm.

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