Saturday, December 20, 2008


Awake! Awake, ye living!
A King, a King is born!
The greatest throne to ever be,
He does, He shall adorn!
His majesty unequalled,
spectacular, His grace!
His reign, it is eternal
like those who give Him place!

Awaken, o ye living,
and long before that day,
ye are the very seasoning,
the temper of the clay!
Salt and light unto your world,
even Christ alive!
Allow them see the Light within you,
that they, too, may thrive!

Awake, possessors of the Light!
You MUST give it away!
Unto a dark and dying world,
throw each of them a ray!
No matter what you give away,
far greater your return-
multiplied far greater than
this life could ever earn!!

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