Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'Tis the season?
Perhaps the way the world sees it!
Every day is the life of Jesus anew in those who gave their own life in trade for His. Are you one of them? He offers His life in trade to 'whosoever will!'
I'm a 'whosoever.' What about you?
The benefits of Jesus' life are far more than seasonal...even more than this life!

Glory of the season?
But eternal is the same!
The glory of the One begotten,
Jesus Christ by Name!
Glory far exceeding any
other glory known;
Father God assuring us
such glory be His own!

Glory of the season--more than
seasonal is He!
He is life--none other there
with such sufficiency!
And liberty abounding in
the very Prince of Peace!
Peace abounding in the ones
that would, their selves, release!

Glory of the season, oh,
but let Him be much more!
Far more than only 'seasonal'
but Jesus Christ is for!
Know His intimacy no matter
what the season be!
He is alive because of God's
great love for such as we!

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