Monday, December 29, 2008


Thank you, Jesus! You are so faithful!
As I read prayer requests from yesterday for the first time, I ask Debby questions and realize that there were no more seizures after prayer was started!
Some would say "If HE is so mighty, why does Jim continue to have seizures?" I am asked that so often. I don't know, either. But I stand upon that Scripture in Job 13:15 that declares "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him."
I don't know why I suffer. "Suffer?" How can I be 'suffering' when I cannot recall what I went through?! Is that 'suffering?' As I listen to people describe what my seizures are like, the inability to recall them sounds more like a 'blessing' to me! (However, Debby, Matt & Vicki will affirm that THEY suffer with inability to stop me!)
"Suffering..." hmmm. Watching my wife during a migraine...THAT is 'suffering!' She suffers the wretched pain, I suffer knowing that there is so little I can do for her during them! Again, God is in control--that blessed truth is what causes us to endure! Endure and emerge victorious!
So, does this make me a martyr? I don't think so! I know multitudes that suffer far worse than I, and are much more effective than I! I don't know why EACH OF US endure what we do. I know that there is a plethora of 'cliche's' that well-meaning people would attach to any answer to these questions, but my God needs not one of us to defend Him, His answers to our prayers, or His appearance of a lack of response. Every one of our petitions to Him has an answer. Sometimes, the answer is "No." Sometimes, the answer is "Not yet."
Am I patient enough for HIS answer?

In HIS Service,

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