Friday, December 5, 2008


"Season's Greetings!"
But only seasonal?
That troubles me at times. Jesus comes to life anew each and every day in my life. What about yours?
And do to the time of year, must the verse necessarily pertain to a baby in a manger? What about the glory and the majesty He possessed even before that "silent night?"

Glory in the highest--
adoration generates!
Glory in the purest as
creation celebrates!
"Hallelujah! Hallelujah
to Emmanuel!
Hallelujah to the King,
eternity to tell!"

In the corridors of time
present is His grace?
Greater, higher, deeper to,
such limitation, face!
Before and after time is He,
and through the very same!
Man--so very fortunate--
relationship to claim!

"Glory in the Highest,
hallelujah, hallelu...
forever and forever
well-acquainted, Lord, with You!"

"Forever and forever..." Yes, but also for always and for always.
RIGHT NOW!! He is present right now and worthy of all praise and adoration RIGHT NOW!
Join me in worshipping Jesus, won't you?

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