Friday, December 12, 2008


Blessings on you!
Joy! Joy unspeakable? The Bible speaks of such!
Joy unwriteable? Aw, c'mon!! But I will try!
Speak, oh Holy Spirit...

Joy to the World, ye everyman,
o vocalize the voice!
Join angelic Hosts aloft,
The season of the Savior is not
'seasonal' at all!
Give ye thanks but ceasing not,
according to His call!

"Silent night," yet temporary!
Hear the angels sing
a song of coronation unto
Christ--the newborn King!
The season of His birth, it is not
seasonal at all!
Oh, but all of time, itself,
"Your Majesty" to call!

Silence only possible
in adoration of
the glory and the majesty
of Jesus--King of Love!
Celebration be the balance
of the time remaining,
which is to be eternally
with His Kingship reigning!

Will you be in that Heaven realm?
Will you be in that celebration?
It only takes your decision.
He awaits your decision.
The invitation is still open...


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