Monday, December 15, 2008

His Majesty!
Is that what you see as you look around at Christmas?
Perhaps we should pray for new eyes to see with?

O celebrate His majesty,
o celebrate the King!
Worship Him with instruments,
lift the voices! Sing!
Praise Him with the trumpets,
with the string and with the voice!
He is worthy of it all;

None other is authority,
Jesus--Lord of all!
All of living, then and now,
o heed One only call!
All of life that is to come
has opportune to see
the Power and the Glory all
throughout eternity!!

O celebrate His Lordship now
while life is as we know!
Then celebrate His Lordship in
the graces He'll bestow!
Prepare ye for that Paradise
by bending NOW the knee
unto the glory and the wonder
of His Majesty!

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