Monday, December 15, 2008


Look at the world.
Look at the way it does business.
Do I want to participate in it? Not really, but I must.
I must be ‘in the world,’ He assures me and even adjures me not to be OF the world! He wouldn’t ask it of me if it were not possible…

be the greeting of the day!
Of a truth, there is another way;
but for sure each one must do;
but first, I want to spend some time with You!

To start the day before the day is started—
(but I know a multitude of ways!)
Before I walk the corridors of business,
I need to walk the aisles of Your praise;
Before the very earliest transaction,
I call You and I listen to Your voice;
for You provide the greatest satisfaction—
the surest of direction in each choice!

“GO GET ‘EM!” cries the world all around me,
oh, but I can get more than they all,
because greater is the One Who is within me—
the very One Who is the first I call!!



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