Friday, December 26, 2008


More than the presents, more than the gifts,
Jesus is constant and constantly lifts!
Gift of God given, given to all--
they are so fortunate heeding the Call!

"Away in a Manger..." away from the same,
absolute power be His for to claim!
His mighty power to claim for our own--
will you, by His awesome power, be known?

O wonderful season, traditions and all,
help me to focus on His greater Call!
So beautiful, wonderful season of days,
o, but eclipsed by The Way and His ways!

"The Christmas spirit--" The same does not have to be seasonal! Why can't I have such a giving spirit all year long? Even dismiss that thought; Why can't I have such a giving spirit day to day, one day at a time?
Jesus Christ is Christmas. The Lord Jesus is constant. I love celebrating His birthday! But He gives to me constantly, not for just a season!

"Lord, please teach me to give, amen."

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