Sunday, December 7, 2008

GIFT of God

How much 'season' do we lose by focusing on gifts?
What would happen if we focused more on THE Gift?

Far superior to 'gift'
is 'relationship...'
more important than 'merchandise'
that emotional grip!
One accord may far surpass
and outlast 'purchased' blessing--
do you know that relationship
come by His Name confessing?

Gift original to Christmas,
giv'n by God Most High;
suitable for every person,
all will qualify!
He saw the state of everyman,
therefore does He bestow
His only Son as that great Gift
that anyone may know!

O the Gift of perfect Love--
Christmas truth most great!
In the Person Jesus Christ,
all heavens celebrate!
Know the fullness of His gift
and join the celebration!
Know His fullness in this life
by making Him relation!

Let nothing rob you of a relationship with Jesus!

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