Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deciding Life

"The voices of rejoicing love!"
Can you hear them?
What are you listening for?
I know too many people who only get up to read the paper or listen to the latest news.
There is far more more than that to see, to hear.
Yes, we must be aware of that which goes on in our world, but if that's all there is to your world, you are missing out on a whole lot of life!
On your way to pick up that newspaper wave at someone you've never seen...
Wish a complete stranger "Merry Christmas!" (Or 'Happy Holy Days!')
Smile more!
When you wake up, before you turn the news on or open the paper, decide to find something good and positive, something to rejoice about and be thankful for.
Yes, it IS a decision, YOUR decision!

There is life! It is alive,
it is, is not a 'thing!'
There is Life--He is alive,
and I address Him "King!"
Even Lord and Savior He,
and Jesus is His Name!
There is Life--Jesus Christ,
He is mine only claim!

There is Life--mine only claim?
Mine every claim at all!
Jesus is alive always,
oh hear His certain call!
Words so very living,
love like not another;
seek the Life of Him, for He
is closer than a brother!

There is Life--do you know Him?
Life--it is a Man!
The Beginning and the End
of One exclusive Plan!
There is no other life at all
when looking at all living;
unto whom, therefore, will you
but your own life be giving?

Jesus Christ IS Christmas.
What is Christmas to you?

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