Thursday, December 18, 2008

As we celebrate...


Again it is that time of year,
so many people drawing near
to see the One it’s all about,
the One most of them are without!
Can any go about these days
without hearing of His praise?
Without a mention of His Name?
Regardless, His is Lord, the same!
If even we are this concerned
about those who have, His love, spurned,
imagine how the Savior feels,
thus He relentlessly appeals!
As we rejoice in Jesus’ birth,
Him Who gives our living worth,
there is a touch of grief inside
for all of those who have denied.
The greatest gift that e’er could be,
freely sent to such as we;
should we not share it with the rest,
so that they, too, can have the best?
As the year draws to a close,
let misconceptions, all, dispose,
and let us look into His face
and fully realize His grace!
For there, behind the flowing tears,
compassion and concern appears;
not apathy for those who don’t,
nor anger unto those who won’t,
but true compassion, love, and care,
ever ready, for to share!
For let us, these things, emulate,
as, unto Him, we celebrate.


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