Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Always around the Holidays..."

The Holidays.
Painful? Should they be?
We are here for you if you need us Jan...Lonnie...Becky.
It has oft been said "Why do such things happen around the Holidays?"
But do not precious memories remain of all other days of the year as well?
Do not those beautiful, wonderful memories far outweigh the pain and loss of one "season?"
"Always around the Holidays..."
Joy, family, friends, gratitude, gifts...
such will always remain around the holidays, and every other day of the year!

Often, I hear folks say "______ has been gone now for _____ years..."
What if we retrained ourselves to say "For _____ years of our lives, we were blessed with the laughter, joy, strength and the life of our loved one. Now, we look forward to eternity with them."
How much less pain would days contain?
How much less pain would Holidays contain?

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