Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ring in the new...

New Year's Eve. But what is time?
It is quite an issue in this life, but what about eternity?

All of time proclaims!
Creation calls His Names!
"God of everything!"
Sing, ye living, sing!

O my Father, You are all!
I respond unto Your call...
I submit unto Your lead...
"Teach me wholly!" this I plead!
You I cannot understand.
You hold me in Your awesome hand,
You feed me with what cannot end,
You speak what no man can rescind!

Time to yet proclaim
the glory of Your Name.
"You are mine Everything"
I shall forever sing!

The year is gone. A new one starts in a little while.
May we not lose sight of that which is more important than time.


Monday, December 29, 2008


Thank you, Jesus! You are so faithful!
As I read prayer requests from yesterday for the first time, I ask Debby questions and realize that there were no more seizures after prayer was started!
Some would say "If HE is so mighty, why does Jim continue to have seizures?" I am asked that so often. I don't know, either. But I stand upon that Scripture in Job 13:15 that declares "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him."
I don't know why I suffer. "Suffer?" How can I be 'suffering' when I cannot recall what I went through?! Is that 'suffering?' As I listen to people describe what my seizures are like, the inability to recall them sounds more like a 'blessing' to me! (However, Debby, Matt & Vicki will affirm that THEY suffer with inability to stop me!)
"Suffering..." hmmm. Watching my wife during a migraine...THAT is 'suffering!' She suffers the wretched pain, I suffer knowing that there is so little I can do for her during them! Again, God is in control--that blessed truth is what causes us to endure! Endure and emerge victorious!
So, does this make me a martyr? I don't think so! I know multitudes that suffer far worse than I, and are much more effective than I! I don't know why EACH OF US endure what we do. I know that there is a plethora of 'cliche's' that well-meaning people would attach to any answer to these questions, but my God needs not one of us to defend Him, His answers to our prayers, or His appearance of a lack of response. Every one of our petitions to Him has an answer. Sometimes, the answer is "No." Sometimes, the answer is "Not yet."
Am I patient enough for HIS answer?

In HIS Service,

Friday, December 26, 2008


More than the presents, more than the gifts,
Jesus is constant and constantly lifts!
Gift of God given, given to all--
they are so fortunate heeding the Call!

"Away in a Manger..." away from the same,
absolute power be His for to claim!
His mighty power to claim for our own--
will you, by His awesome power, be known?

O wonderful season, traditions and all,
help me to focus on His greater Call!
So beautiful, wonderful season of days,
o, but eclipsed by The Way and His ways!

"The Christmas spirit--" The same does not have to be seasonal! Why can't I have such a giving spirit all year long? Even dismiss that thought; Why can't I have such a giving spirit day to day, one day at a time?
Jesus Christ is Christmas. The Lord Jesus is constant. I love celebrating His birthday! But He gives to me constantly, not for just a season!

"Lord, please teach me to give, amen."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Season

My season is a Person, not
a personality...
He is alive within, without
in everything I see;

My season is a Present, not
a present I must buy!
He already paid the price
in full for you and I;

My season is far greater than
a period of time--
He will eliminate the same
when, in His Presence, I'm!

My season--yesterday, today
and ever is the same!
He is love, He is life
and JESUS is His Name!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Does that word make you shiver?
I realize that today's words get read in four different seasons, but where they are written it is 9 degrees! It is, however, quite beautiful!
What of the weather of the heart, though? Is it cold and unbearable? Is it stormy? Is it warm and inviting?

Frozen out the window...
vision amplified
by the sun of Christmas time
shining vision-wide.

So warm behind the window...
senses amplified
by the Son of Christmas time
shining living-wide!

So is the moving of the Spirit
here upon my my knees
my prayers to go living-wide
beyond festivities:
beyond the decorations,
celebrations, gifts and meals,
the birthday One looks at us each
and once again appeals.
He loves the celebrations, He
appreciates the praise,
but how does He look on the flurry
of the Holidays?
I must determine balance of
the giving and the Gift
as I allow His Majesty,
my very being, sift.

The weather of the holidays-
is it determined by my ways?
In spite of ANY winter storm,
may God find dwelling calm and warm.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sin so sweet?

Does this pertain to you? Anyone you know?
There are so many that it applies to, what about this writer?
These words were recorded after I had a conversation with a very dear loved one. He was describing the grip that an addiction had on him. It was very painful to hear, as it was the confession of one that had all the 'appearances' of one that 'had it all together' in every aspect of his life! He was, and still is, quite highly respected.
After praying with him, I put myself in his situation and my heart cried...

The bondage of the habit--
how many understand?
The more that I give to it,
the more would it demand!
I thought that "I could manage it,"
that "nobody will know..."
then why am I so miserable
as the moments go?

"Come to me, let me pet you...
a moment all alone
in a place where you and I
are only to be known..."

O where is my deliverance?
Where is resolve so strong?!
I know that I'm addicted!
I know that this is wrong!
The pleasure is so fleeting,
the damning guilt to last!
I yearn for, oh, that moment when
this habit will be past!!

"Come to me, let me pet you...
a moment all alone
in a place where you and I
are only to be known..."

The bondage of the habit
takes Two to overcome:
Jesus Christ alive inside
to make the proper sum.
Without Him is no power,
this bondage, to defeat;
with Him is all deliverance,
o make it now complete!

To say "I am untouchable"
is lying to the heart!
If I press on in ignorance
God WILL NOT have a part!
Take and eat...take and drink...
upon the Lord imbibe--
there be no greater elements
that life here may prescribe!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Awake! Awake, ye living!
A King, a King is born!
The greatest throne to ever be,
He does, He shall adorn!
His majesty unequalled,
spectacular, His grace!
His reign, it is eternal
like those who give Him place!

Awaken, o ye living,
and long before that day,
ye are the very seasoning,
the temper of the clay!
Salt and light unto your world,
even Christ alive!
Allow them see the Light within you,
that they, too, may thrive!

Awake, possessors of the Light!
You MUST give it away!
Unto a dark and dying world,
throw each of them a ray!
No matter what you give away,
far greater your return-
multiplied far greater than
this life could ever earn!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

As we celebrate...


Again it is that time of year,
so many people drawing near
to see the One it’s all about,
the One most of them are without!
Can any go about these days
without hearing of His praise?
Without a mention of His Name?
Regardless, His is Lord, the same!
If even we are this concerned
about those who have, His love, spurned,
imagine how the Savior feels,
thus He relentlessly appeals!
As we rejoice in Jesus’ birth,
Him Who gives our living worth,
there is a touch of grief inside
for all of those who have denied.
The greatest gift that e’er could be,
freely sent to such as we;
should we not share it with the rest,
so that they, too, can have the best?
As the year draws to a close,
let misconceptions, all, dispose,
and let us look into His face
and fully realize His grace!
For there, behind the flowing tears,
compassion and concern appears;
not apathy for those who don’t,
nor anger unto those who won’t,
but true compassion, love, and care,
ever ready, for to share!
For let us, these things, emulate,
as, unto Him, we celebrate.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'Tis the season?
Perhaps the way the world sees it!
Every day is the life of Jesus anew in those who gave their own life in trade for His. Are you one of them? He offers His life in trade to 'whosoever will!'
I'm a 'whosoever.' What about you?
The benefits of Jesus' life are far more than seasonal...even more than this life!

Glory of the season?
But eternal is the same!
The glory of the One begotten,
Jesus Christ by Name!
Glory far exceeding any
other glory known;
Father God assuring us
such glory be His own!

Glory of the season--more than
seasonal is He!
He is life--none other there
with such sufficiency!
And liberty abounding in
the very Prince of Peace!
Peace abounding in the ones
that would, their selves, release!

Glory of the season, oh,
but let Him be much more!
Far more than only 'seasonal'
but Jesus Christ is for!
Know His intimacy no matter
what the season be!
He is alive because of God's
great love for such as we!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deciding Life

"The voices of rejoicing love!"
Can you hear them?
What are you listening for?
I know too many people who only get up to read the paper or listen to the latest news.
There is far more more than that to see, to hear.
Yes, we must be aware of that which goes on in our world, but if that's all there is to your world, you are missing out on a whole lot of life!
On your way to pick up that newspaper wave at someone you've never seen...
Wish a complete stranger "Merry Christmas!" (Or 'Happy Holy Days!')
Smile more!
When you wake up, before you turn the news on or open the paper, decide to find something good and positive, something to rejoice about and be thankful for.
Yes, it IS a decision, YOUR decision!

There is life! It is alive,
it is, is not a 'thing!'
There is Life--He is alive,
and I address Him "King!"
Even Lord and Savior He,
and Jesus is His Name!
There is Life--Jesus Christ,
He is mine only claim!

There is Life--mine only claim?
Mine every claim at all!
Jesus is alive always,
oh hear His certain call!
Words so very living,
love like not another;
seek the Life of Him, for He
is closer than a brother!

There is Life--do you know Him?
Life--it is a Man!
The Beginning and the End
of One exclusive Plan!
There is no other life at all
when looking at all living;
unto whom, therefore, will you
but your own life be giving?

Jesus Christ IS Christmas.
What is Christmas to you?

Monday, December 15, 2008


Look at the world.
Look at the way it does business.
Do I want to participate in it? Not really, but I must.
I must be ‘in the world,’ He assures me and even adjures me not to be OF the world! He wouldn’t ask it of me if it were not possible…

be the greeting of the day!
Of a truth, there is another way;
but for sure each one must do;
but first, I want to spend some time with You!

To start the day before the day is started—
(but I know a multitude of ways!)
Before I walk the corridors of business,
I need to walk the aisles of Your praise;
Before the very earliest transaction,
I call You and I listen to Your voice;
for You provide the greatest satisfaction—
the surest of direction in each choice!

“GO GET ‘EM!” cries the world all around me,
oh, but I can get more than they all,
because greater is the One Who is within me—
the very One Who is the first I call!!



His Majesty!
Is that what you see as you look around at Christmas?
Perhaps we should pray for new eyes to see with?

O celebrate His majesty,
o celebrate the King!
Worship Him with instruments,
lift the voices! Sing!
Praise Him with the trumpets,
with the string and with the voice!
He is worthy of it all;

None other is authority,
Jesus--Lord of all!
All of living, then and now,
o heed One only call!
All of life that is to come
has opportune to see
the Power and the Glory all
throughout eternity!!

O celebrate His Lordship now
while life is as we know!
Then celebrate His Lordship in
the graces He'll bestow!
Prepare ye for that Paradise
by bending NOW the knee
unto the glory and the wonder
of His Majesty!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Blessings on you!
Joy! Joy unspeakable? The Bible speaks of such!
Joy unwriteable? Aw, c'mon!! But I will try!
Speak, oh Holy Spirit...

Joy to the World, ye everyman,
o vocalize the voice!
Join angelic Hosts aloft,
The season of the Savior is not
'seasonal' at all!
Give ye thanks but ceasing not,
according to His call!

"Silent night," yet temporary!
Hear the angels sing
a song of coronation unto
Christ--the newborn King!
The season of His birth, it is not
seasonal at all!
Oh, but all of time, itself,
"Your Majesty" to call!

Silence only possible
in adoration of
the glory and the majesty
of Jesus--King of Love!
Celebration be the balance
of the time remaining,
which is to be eternally
with His Kingship reigning!

Will you be in that Heaven realm?
Will you be in that celebration?
It only takes your decision.
He awaits your decision.
The invitation is still open...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Do you know such joy?
Do you HAVE that joy?
What is stopping you? Only what you allow!

Joy to the world! Joy to the heart!
May stress and worry have no part.
May the Goodness of the season
far eclipse all other reason!

Oh, living Light of Christmas,
You shine throughout the year!
Your light, it is eternal,
can such be grasped while here?
You shine so deep within us--
oh, let us each allow:
be Light within us even more
unto the groping now!

Joy unspoken, oh, the poet
seeks each living phrase!
So far beyond a shopping spree
be Your eternal praise!
Jesus, You are Joy alone
right now and evermore!
Jesus Christ--the greatest reason
Christmas time is for!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

GIFT of God

How much 'season' do we lose by focusing on gifts?
What would happen if we focused more on THE Gift?

Far superior to 'gift'
is 'relationship...'
more important than 'merchandise'
that emotional grip!
One accord may far surpass
and outlast 'purchased' blessing--
do you know that relationship
come by His Name confessing?

Gift original to Christmas,
giv'n by God Most High;
suitable for every person,
all will qualify!
He saw the state of everyman,
therefore does He bestow
His only Son as that great Gift
that anyone may know!

O the Gift of perfect Love--
Christmas truth most great!
In the Person Jesus Christ,
all heavens celebrate!
Know the fullness of His gift
and join the celebration!
Know His fullness in this life
by making Him relation!

Let nothing rob you of a relationship with Jesus!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Always around the Holidays..."

The Holidays.
Painful? Should they be?
We are here for you if you need us Jan...Lonnie...Becky.
It has oft been said "Why do such things happen around the Holidays?"
But do not precious memories remain of all other days of the year as well?
Do not those beautiful, wonderful memories far outweigh the pain and loss of one "season?"
"Always around the Holidays..."
Joy, family, friends, gratitude, gifts...
such will always remain around the holidays, and every other day of the year!

Often, I hear folks say "______ has been gone now for _____ years..."
What if we retrained ourselves to say "For _____ years of our lives, we were blessed with the laughter, joy, strength and the life of our loved one. Now, we look forward to eternity with them."
How much less pain would days contain?
How much less pain would Holidays contain?

Friday, December 5, 2008


"Season's Greetings!"
But only seasonal?
That troubles me at times. Jesus comes to life anew each and every day in my life. What about yours?
And do to the time of year, must the verse necessarily pertain to a baby in a manger? What about the glory and the majesty He possessed even before that "silent night?"

Glory in the highest--
adoration generates!
Glory in the purest as
creation celebrates!
"Hallelujah! Hallelujah
to Emmanuel!
Hallelujah to the King,
eternity to tell!"

In the corridors of time
present is His grace?
Greater, higher, deeper to,
such limitation, face!
Before and after time is He,
and through the very same!
Man--so very fortunate--
relationship to claim!

"Glory in the Highest,
hallelujah, hallelu...
forever and forever
well-acquainted, Lord, with You!"

"Forever and forever..." Yes, but also for always and for always.
RIGHT NOW!! He is present right now and worthy of all praise and adoration RIGHT NOW!
Join me in worshipping Jesus, won't you?