Saturday, November 15, 2008

Veteran's Day, 2008

Just because the battle is afar,
Just because another rank you are...
regardless if you're active or reserve,
our respect and honor you deserve!
You've done what many of us could not do.
One day, alone, is not enough for you!

You have done what most of us would not--
thus, our admiration you have got!

Every branch of service...
every class or rank...
God Most High protecting,
God Most High we thank!
Your bravery outshining
emotions that are real;
our desire be that our
most heartfelt thanks you feel!
And that you be rewarded on
this day and every day
with words and deeds that,
deep appreciation, would convey!
Great is your reward, beyond
each worldly accolade
for your part assuring that
our liberty is made!

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