Thursday, November 20, 2008


Do you lack? Are you sure?
How vital are those 'things' that you feel you have lack of?
The Word of God assures us that He shall supply us with all that we need according to the abundance of His Son Jesus.
I need to spend more time noticing the 'things' that He provides without my even asking. Most of the time, those blessings are 'things' which I do not even know how to ask for!

Beautiful creation
vision to rejoice
glorious, all living,
harmonious of voice!
So great, our God, Creator,
to share with even man--
how fortunate the chosen few
to recognize His plan!
So wealthy those confessing Him
as Savior and as Lord;
recognition of His works
is constantly restored!

"Beautiful Creator,
the very heart to sing
a song celebration of
the new life that You bring!
The glory of Your holiness,
another song alive!
We sing with expectation as
You cause us to arrive!

The splendor of Your glory,
seen by those who see.
So very tempting be the glimpses
of Your majesty!
Only causing us to yearn
for that eternity
where the fullness of Your grace
has great sufficiency!"

Can you see it?

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